Sighhh disheartened so didn’t take quite so many pictures!

***self-raising flour T_T

***SHLDA BLIND-BAKED! perhaps coins woulda flattened it.

– pastry texture wasn’t right in the first place, haha how come division doesn’t seem to square up for me? seems proportionately right I calculated… but always seem to have butter troubles :S

– this actually tasted pretty good (Saaaad)

NZ APPLES are <3 !!!


This was done yesterday:

***Place at BOTTOM of oven! Haha as you can see the half-cookedness of as well :P sighhh.

That said, I think nothing so far is as ‘uplifting’ as seeing your “souffle” rise! XD haha spirits go as high with it :P

Perhaps it’s NZ but man it sinks sooooo fast as well! (can compare the fresh out and after pics) I was busy scrambling about to try take pictures.

PIE is next! X) NZ shld be suited for, the weather is causing me to have ‘Blizzard Hands’.


Here’s attempt 2 :) :) as a cake it is sooo much better! the pics aren’t great though (no mood today, and overcast :P finding all these ) hahaa I shall bake for you to take pics k mein when I get back!

***CREAM BUTTER FIRST -_- butter was the nemesis today.

**not to overmix is really really important too, it’s much ‘cake-ier’ today, with rise and sponge.

*not sure if this helped too, but covered with a damp cloth :P taste test tmrw!


What’s that in the corner you say?!

Well in Term 1 we had an assignment about ‘ourselves’, to create 5 square artworks around: ‘fingerprint’, ‘signature’, ‘monogram’, ‘chop/seal’ & ‘QR code’. I liked the monogram best (cos its usable after?), so here it is, with progress shots.

Note: kinda not likin the digital one though (like when used w yest’s photos especially), just comes out kinda blah / straightforward :S suggestions welcome!

Thank you again for reading :D


Presenting… Baumkuchen Attempt #1!

Hehe for the uninitiated, this is Baumkuchen, which means “tree cake” or “log cake”, when translated from its German name. This one’s from Cake Glace in SG,

or you can try some from MUJI too :)

This is actually one of my favourite cakes for ALWAYS (the Japanese ones at least), since mama first brought it back home one day (when we were about 10?) :P we mistakenly thought it was a cheesecake and always called it that haha. Traditionally it is made like so …

Watching Yumeiro Patissiere I found out that it could be made at home! Naturally this became my first holiday ‘project’ ^_^ (P.S. I’ve been watching the rotary spin-spin-spiiiinn on youtube videos in anticipation of this! one of my fave things to do hahaa some really beautiful!)

if you’d like to try it out too, please watch from 06:47.

And today I did it!

The sun came out right after, to let me take flattering shots! :D here’s the best one (代表作) :

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The recipe is courtesy of this page + Google Translate.

Behind the scenes!

1) I found these cardboard “rods” at the ‘Daiso’ here, pack of 3 for 3.50

2) wrapped in foil…

3) and into the pan!

4) joining the roll…

5) rolled!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Results and various views:

There wasn’t enough batter for the last layer… so I ate it :D

It’s said it’s best eaten the next day after refrigeration so I’ll keep you posted on its taste!

– – – – – –


– the batter was rather eggy in the end, and buttery too. probably would add more “cake” / flour to it next time. The ‘Tips’ ominously said “no ball” too, I’ve to make sure its really super blended next time? haha lots of factors and possibilities this time, will need to keep trying for best outcome :) (haha Ichigo and gang’s numerous tries are no joke!).  As you can see from the resultant ‘tiger’ circle-y patches, I think its due to the butter pockets or egg’s properties or something??? :S

– probably need more batter as well? it was quite thin so the edges burnt first, and turned out rather ‘crepe-y’. The heat was another thing to contend with as well, once the batter hits the pan you have to spread it fast and even because it starts cooking from the latent heat before. The ‘Tips’ said to place a wet towel to control heat, haha couldn’t really juggle that one. My pan could be too big (20cm) too, I’d recommend the smaller tamago pan if you want to try! Maybe my old cooker hood has uneven heat too -_-

– BRANDY  is  G O O O D !!  So fragrant! I loved the ideas and flavours in this recipe, almond powder etc :)

*this was really really fun though, to get down and just do it! There’s something really therapeutic about doing this layer by layer thing, reminds me of drawing frame by frame back in NYP!!! ^_^ Kinda can’t wait to get back and attempt #2!

Heheh that’s it for now! Blogging is quite a pain actually :P (I’ll try get better at it)


<3,  BBB


So here’s my first post, in keeping the 2012 resolution of starting a blog. Some pictures of my experiences so far since coming to NZ in Feb.


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